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The latest research results in 2016 confirm that Fucosea®Family is

Fucoidan sulfate, astaxanthin, omega-3 EFAs and more nutrients the active ingredients of Fucosea, a bountiful whole food supplement. Fucosea® is specially designed for corporate elites, and those whose esteemed careers necessitate long hours of focus and mental dexterity.Herbsea’s abilities range from the selection of natural ingredients to the production of refined supplements, from processing to packaging. We consciously strive to be environmentally friendly and to be honorable for all our partners and customers.  

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Follow CEO Carol Cheow into the world of Herbsea®

Living in a noisy, always-connected and stressful modern society, sub-optimal health is quietly occupying your body. It is time to take responsibility for your health and improve how you feel so that every day can be considered your “best” day. This is where Herbsea® from California can help with the launch of Fucosea®. Join CEO Carol Cheow as she tours Herbsea's world and meet our Herbsea® technical team. A global leader in raw materials for health products brands has 20 years dedicated to plant extraction technology, and Carol and her team will explain how this makes Fucosea so effective.

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“Herbsea® Elite Health and Beauty Opening Talk”

The “Herbsea® Elite Health and Beauty Opening Talk” will be broadcast live at 10:00 am on January 7, 2017 at Beijing time. Carol Cheow will introduce a unique and exciting product and services concept -- Herbsea® -- in California. We welcome you to participate through live broadcasting. The concept, Herbsea, is founded on the need for all of us to take control of our health, to be proactive in our wellness, and to understand our bodies and how powerful supplementation can be.

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Herbsea® Independent Sales Representative Recruitment - 2018

Herbsea® Independent Sales Representative Recruitment Will Be:

Date:05/18/2018 Thursday,11:30am~4:30pm

Venue:San Gabriel Ballroom, Hilton San Gabriel225 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, CA 91776

Admission:Free (please take a personal resume check in at the entrance)